Got questions?

We don't have a precise schedule yet? Is that a problem?

No problem at all! A rough estimate of how long you would like to have me with you is enough for the first time. I would be happy to help you create a basic schedule during a video call.

What happens after our request?

First of all, thank you very much for your interest!
After your request, I will check the availability in my calendar within the next 48 hours and send you my service overview as well as free dates for a video call if there is free capacity.

Unfortunately I cannot attend your wedding myself. What now?

Of course it is very important to me to entrust you in good hands. There is the possibility that someone from my team accompanies your wedding. This way I can guarantee you my style of photography and promise you a faithful photographer.

Is it possible to extend the service at the wedding?

No wedding can be 100% planned. If you wish an extension of my accompaniment, you can book this at any time on an hourly basis. This way we guarantee that all moments will be captured for you.